Why Hasn’t Anyone Offered Charles Ramsey an On-Air Gig?

This guy has personality in spades. Of course, it has now come out that he does have a rap sheet (record as in criminal not record as in rapper). But when has this ever been a hinderance to a radio personality? Besides, it would undoubtedly make him even more controversial and make Ramsey more compelling to listen to. Ohio radio PD’s… You’re dropping the ball here. At least get the publicity for offering him a gig. I can’t believe a CHR or Urban station in Cleveland hasn’t jumped on this one.

Does Charles Ramsey have the personality to be at least a temporary radio star? Watch the vid and you decide.



Someone was thinking, and it wasn’t radio…

Charles Ramsey, who helped free Cleveland kidnap victims, gets burgers for lifeMore than a dozen Northeast Ohio restaurants have pledged an offer of a burger anytime Ramsey wants to stop by and dig in.

McDonald’s gives Charles Ramsey free food for a year

**Further Update**

Too little too late for radio again…