Rush Wants an Obama Victory

For some crazy reason I spent a large part of my day listening to Rush and Hannity’s radio shows today. Now, although my liberalista better half might argue otherwise, I’m not a “right wing guy.” In fact I prefer to look at political “wings” much like Woody Guthrie: “Right wing, left wing, chicken wing. They’re all the same to me.”

Now before you start out thinking, “Wait a minute there son. Who are you to know the mind of the Rushbo or Sean?” Well, I don’t. But I do have a pretty good idea on how the minds of radio talk show hosts work. You see I’ve spent (cough) something like 30ish years in radio. The last 10 have been in talk radio, working as a consultant, Program Director and training talk talent. I’ve spent mucho time around talk hosts and I have a pretty good idea what makes them tick.

The logic of talk radio. Just hear me out, OK?

I once had a revelation a number of years ago when I was a wacky morning DJ on a very cool alternative rock station in Dallas. At that time oil tycoon Clayton Williams was running a very contentious and controversial race against Ann RIchards. During the campaign, “Good ol’ Boy” Clayton made his infamous remark about rape, “If it’s inevitable, just relax and enjoy it.” Needless to say, despite the ranch-loads of money he spent on the campaign, Clayton lost. The revelation I had was that if Clayton won, even though I believed it wouldn’t be the best thing for the state, I would be supplied with endless material for my radio show. So what was more important? Better government or better comedy material? I was indeed at a crisis of conscience. In the end I came to the conclusion that better comedy was far more important than who was going to be the next Governor of the great state of Texas. But I still couldn’t pull the lever for good ol’ Clayton Billions.

Talk radio’s political spork in the road.


Rush and Hannity find themselves in a somewhat similar position. Although they really might be “true believers” in the grand conservative cause, I’ll bet they would rather have better material for their shows than their party in office. I would. Rush and Hannity would have an endless stream of material and unending guffaws to heckle and rave about on the air. Obama’s endless flip-flopping and wacky comments about tire inflation are only the beginning. If I were Rush or Hannity, I would be up nights praying to whichever deity is currently providing the most PAC money to the vast right wing conspiracy to smite the Republican electorate and usher in the brave new world of “change” promised by the HypnoBama.

Obama means better talk radio ratings. Less hair plug commercials.

It’s important for Rush and Hannity to remember that a good Conservative is always a good Capitalist. Better material and an opponent in the White House in diametric opposition to their core values (i.e. something they can rally against on the air to whip the ditto heads into a frenzy) will mean better ratings and of course, more revenue. So you see Rush and Hannity, having Obama take the mortgage on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is the best thing for the economy (yours) and the success of your radio shows. Besides, an Obama win will bring endless hours of opinionated talk radio fun. Something we all love to hate.

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