Another FM Station Flips to Talk

Another FM Station Flips to Talk.

This week the switch is in Baltimore and the format is sports. The lineup on “Sports Radio 105.7 The Fan” includes Ed Norris (moved from PM Drive to Mornings), Mark Viviano, Bruce Cunningham, Scott Garceau and Anita Marks. Long-time Baltimore morning personalities Kirk McEwen and Mark Ondayko were shown the door. Why the switch to sports? In a flash of brilliance, Robert Phillips, the senior VP and market manager for CBS Radio Baltimore told the Baltimore Business Journal, “The FM dial is a place where there‚Äôs a lot of people listening.” One can only hope.

Some Sirius Investors are Very Serious about SIRI’s Underperforming Stock.

A group of about 500 Sirius XM investors are not happy with the 31 cents a share price of SIRI stock and Mel Karmazin’s leadership of the company. The “Save Sirius” shareholders are filing a derivative suit on behalf of SIRI shareholders in California, accusing Sirius XM management of “unjustly enriching themselves at the expense of shareholders.”

KGO Talk Host Charles Karel Bouley Desires “Mother F*ckin’ Joe the Plumber Dead.”

You can swear like a Marine Sergeant around your kids, but dear sweet Jesus, don’t f*ucking swear in front of a mic. It seems that Charles Karel Bouley has learned that lesson the hard way, with lots of four letter words and “death threats” color commentary about Joe the Plumber. All of this took place during a news break, into what he undoubtedly thought was a dead mic. Pretty stoopid, but I do feel sorry for the guy. The audio is however proof positive that the most interesting chatter from a Talk Host, always happens during the break when the mic is off. Unfortunately for Karel, KGO and eventually for Citadel attorneys, the mic was hot.

And Now a Word for the G-D Supreme Court.

Tuesday the Supreme Court will be getting paid to listen and whack their gavel to filth while Americans swear about pulling their lever for the lesser of two evils on another election day. The Justices will be hearing arguments from broadcasters trying to fight fines for mentioning one of Carlin’s seven dirty words. Maybe we can finally get a “decent” definition of what really is indecent. Don’t hold your breath.