Bush’s Pooch Gets Revenge on the DC Press Corps and Obama FCC Watch

Bush’s Pooch Gets Revenge on the DC Press Corps.

Leave it to a radio reporter to film the vicious political attack video of Presidential pooch, Barney the Dog. The reporter-rabbid dog, who’s owner feeds the flailing hands of the media, decided to bite the hand of the Washington press machine. April Ryan, a correspondent with the American Urban Radio Network (whom this reporter has recently learned is rumored to be a GOP plant), happened to have her video recorder switched on, capturing the furious K9 attack. I’ll bet Bush, and Barney, were laughing their collective tails off all the way back to the Oval Office. John Decker, the savagely mauled reporter, was treated by the White House doctor, dosed with antibiotics and was rumored to be frothing at the mouth. (link to bloody video)

Day 3: Obama FCC Watch.

Obama seems to have sent a clear message that the media, and possibly the Fairness Doctrine, will be high on his political hit-list. The Obama Elect has fingered former FCC Commissioner and media lobbyist Henry Rivera to spearhead the new administration’s FCC transition team. According to the Center for Responsible Politics, Rivera lobbied for the Catholic TV Network back in 2001. Hey, maybe it will be all Mother Angelica all the time!

With the Media Economy on the Downturn, Maybe it’s Time to Grow some Weed.

Happy Mugshot Time for Laughlin

Well, maybe not. According to the Reno Gazette-Journal, 71-year-old Reno radio personality Chandler Laughlin was busted for just over five and a half pounds of pot, along with a violation of parole and probation. It’s not Laughlin’s first go-round with the cops for the dope. The Nevada radio personality was convicted last year for possessing more than one ounce of a controlled substance. Chandler, who calls himself a “poor hippy’s Paul Harvey,” told the Nevada Appeal: “I don’t distribute or sell marijuana. I don’t do anything man. I sit here and smoke some weed in the morning.” Good day!

Have you heard the one about Rush Limbaugh Buying Some Listener a New Truck?

Seems Rush thought one of his listeners was a bit under the weather while she chatted with him on the radio the other day, so with his godlike powers (and cash), Limbaugh bought the poor woman a new truck. 58 grand later, Belinda Davis is now tooling around Kerrville, Texas in her new conservative friendly, gas-guzzling Chevy Tahoe. According to Rush in the Post Chronicle: “We will need people like Belinda Davis to keep the country moving.” Hey, Rushbo! Why don’t you move off of a few radio stations and let someone else get a job! Instead of promoting this automotive welfare to some “needy” listener in Texas. Damn Socialist.