Radio News for Tuesday January 27th 2009

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Radio & Records

  • Laughlin Exits CBS/L.A. Weiner to oversee seven-station cluster
  • Copps Begins Heavy Lifting At FCC
  • Martin Takes Over Fox Sports Radio
  • Thompson Exiting Dallas’ ‘Bone’
  • BP Launches Free Job Search Site
  • Senate Passes Bill To Delay DTV Transition Until June 12
  • Schock To Exit WRXP
  • NAB Chief Welcomes Cell Phones’ Inclusion Of FM
  • Arbitron Settles PPM Lawsuits With The Media Audit, Ipsos
  • Entries Sought For 2009 Radio Mercury Awards
  • Updated: Columbus Plugs In ‘The Fan’ On FM
  • WQTM/Orlando To Drop La Preciosa
  • McKnight’s Move To R&B Radio
  • NAB2009 Adds Author Malcolm Gladwell To Keynote Schedule
  • Updated: Universal Music Group Starts Slicing
  • ‘Ayuda’ Comes To Miami’s Caracol
  • Triton Digital, VMIX Bridging Gap Between Radio And New Media
  • Jacobs Media Helps Displaced Rockers
  • Get Well Bruce
  • Performance Royalty Fight Heats Up
  • Cell-Phone-Only Sample Targets Raised In All PPM Markets
  • Obama Considers Rush A Problem

All Access

  • Entercom Institutes A Wage Freeze
  • 78,000 Lose Their Jobs In One Day
  • Copps Names Interim Staff, Calls For Better Communication
  • Station Sales: Texas AM CP, Nevada, Iowa Translators
  • Sports Returning To WQTM/Orlando
  • Third Off At Mapleton/San Luis Obispo
  • Nassau Portland Stations Ink News Deal With WCSH-TV
  • Troy Dayton Exits Y94
  • Shennan To Helm BBC Radio 2
  • Top-10 Radio Advertisers
  • Krueger Takes Overnights At Sirius XM Mad Dog Radio
  • Parnaby Exits CFRB
  • Dailey Exits Boise State Radio Crew At KIDO
  • Talk Show Returns To A Different WHAV
  • Paco Lopez Hangs V/T Shingle Out

Radio Ink

  • Laughlin Exits CBS Radio/L.A.
  • Arbitron Patent Suits Settled
  • Geico Tops National Advertisers Again
  • AT&T CruiseCast Adds MTV Programming
  • Struble: More Competition Than Ever
  • CBS Corp Sets Q4, Full-Year Earnings Release
  • Report: Payola Probe At Texas Stations
  • Tribune Names Meek To President Post
  • Call For Entries For Radio Mercury Awards
  • Rehr Commends T-Mobile For Offering FM In Handsets
  • Triton Digital Expands Video, Photo Efforts


  • Arbitron, Ipsos And Media Audit Reach PPM Settlement
  • iBiquity’s Struble Talks Future Of Radio Competition
  • Universal Music Group restructures
  • Sony & Kyte announce partnership
  • FCC probes Spanish language stations
  • Imus’ comeback: one year later
  • Bonaduce/Canseco fights ends in draw

Inside Radio

  • John Hogan rethinks radio.
  • Entercom orders salary freeze.
  • CBS Radio shakes up L.A. cluster.
  • McDonald’s will stay local.
  • Settlement ends phone-based ratings.
  • The business of the Commission goes on.
  • NYSE gives radio breathing room.
  • ABC Radio’s McKnight-time solution.

Radio Business Report

  • The Media Audit and Ipsos end PPM challenge
  • Wage freeze at Entercom
  • ABCRN launches The Brian McKnight Show
  • Competing offer for Blago
  • DJ ads gaining traction in Indy
  • PTC seeks blackout for “…seek Amy”
  • Ex-WBIX host Rennie accused of stealing millions

Radio Online

  • Roy Laughlin Exits CBS/Los Angeles as Co-Market Mgr.
  • Rehr Commends T-Mobile for Offering FM In Handsets
  • Arbitron Settles Infringement Suit w/Ipsos, Media Audit
  • Report: FCC Launches Payola Probe at Texas Stations
  • Fox Sports Radio Reveals New Lineup, Martin New VP/GM
  • Thompson to Exit KDBN (99.3 The Bone)/Dallas as PD
  • RadiOhio Flips WBNS-FM (Mix 97.1)/Columbus to Sports
  • Brian McKnight Show Launches on ABC Radio Networks
  • CC/Tucson Appoints Steve Hoshor as Director of Sales
  • Triton, VMIX Partner for Online Video & Photo Content

NTS Aircheck

  • Martin Named VP/GM At FOX Sports Radio
  • Obama Calls Out Limbaugh
  • Parker Takes Milwaukee Sports PD Post
  • Chicago Talk Radio Has Blago-mania
  • Opening: Previous Weekend Experience Required
  • Don Wade & Roma Welcome Embattled Guv


  • News – 411 On The Vent
  • Arbitron – The Media Audit and Ipsos end PPM challenge
  • Arbitron – Nashville, Oklahoma City, Wilmington NC
  • Airchecks – Steve E Former Swing On-Air WBLK, Buffalo
  • Arbitron – Raleigh-Durham, Greensboro, Memphis, Greenville-New Bern

All About Country

  • Restructuring Underway At Universal Music Group
  • Adam Gregory’s Crazy Days iTunes Single Of The Week