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  • Coffee shop ambient sound, for those staying at home who miss it
    Unmute your volume, go into the kitchen, and make yourself some coffee now.Enjoy. If that one isn't to your liking, try this one.And here's another popular one, just background noise.Coffitivity: ambient "coffee shop" sound to plug into for e…
    - 10 hours ago 8 Jul 20, 8:19pm -
  • You can still enjoy your favorite drinks while wearing your mask with this innovative option
    Despite all of our most fervent hopes, it doesn’t appear the specter of COVID-19 will be leaving us anytime soon. If anything, the past few weeks seems to indicate the need for social distancing and other preventative measures will likely continue…
    - 10 hours ago 8 Jul 20, 8:15pm -
  • Facebook removes Trump ally Roger Stone's accounts and pages
    Longtime Donald Trump consigliere Roger Stone is due in prison next week. Facebook on Wednesday took down 50 personal and professional pages connected to the U.S. President’s former adviser, about 10 years after it would do any good.Nathaniel Gle…
    - 10 hours ago 8 Jul 20, 8:06pm -
  • Joe Biden campaign upgrades typeface
    The Joe Biden campaign just got a typeface upgrade. Folks, it’s time to introduce you to our new typefaces: Decimal & Mercury.Decimal finds its roots in wristwatches — it’s true as time. Mercury, with its roots in the written word.Put si…
    - 10 hours ago 8 Jul 20, 7:52pm -
  • Cats enjoy lounging in their basket hammock on a hot summer day
    This is a lovely little video of cats lounging in a basket from Kagonekoshiro, one of the great cat blogs of Japan, still going after all these fuzzy scratchy years.More at kagonekoshiro.com. Read the rest
    - 10 hours ago 8 Jul 20, 7:42pm -
  • 'Origami LED Wall Art,' DIY electronics project that cost only $15
    This looks like a fantastic way to have some fun with electronics while safely staying at home during the coronavirus outbreak. Says IMGURian @swachspress,Finished project: here is a simple animation that has a moving block of green lights that…
    - 11 hours ago 8 Jul 20, 7:34pm -
  • We Are Little Zombies is a treat for eyes and ears
    On Friday evening my family and I watched a wildly original Japanese movie called We Are Little Zombies. We loved the 8-bit special effects and soundtrack, crazy colorful costumes, and original songs. It's written and directed by Makoto Nagahisa and…
    - 15 hours ago 8 Jul 20, 3:04pm -
  • If Cannabis Is “A Potential Way To Prevent COVID-19” Then Why Is Trump Blocking Research?
    Boing Boing presents these words from our sponsor: Real Tested CBD.Forbes is reporting, “two Canadian researchers think that a special strain of cannabis might potentially be a valuable tool in the fight against COVID-19.” (Source: April issue…
    - 16 hours ago 8 Jul 20, 2:36pm -
  • Fashion trends at Goodwill
    Goodwill Hunting is a fascinating data-driven exploration of trends at the thriftstore chain's online shop. It is quite exhaustive, breaking down regional trends, brands, prices and much else besides in a panoply of gorgeous interactive charts. Given…
    - 16 hours ago 8 Jul 20, 2:16pm -
  • Good deal on Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device
    Try this code: 4KFIRETV to see if you can get the Fire TV Stick 4K for a large discount. It worked for me, so I bought it to replace my four- or five-year-old Fire TV stick, which does not have voice remote and was slower because it has less storage.…
    - 17 hours ago 8 Jul 20, 1:17pm -


  • Does Power Efficiency Guide Work?
    Does power efficiency guide work? If you’re currently having an internal debate with yourself about whether you should purchase the power efficiency guide by Mark Edwards, you’ve come to the right place. As below you’ll find a handy in-depth re…
    - 14 days ago 25 Jun 20, 11:57am -
  • How to Travel and Work from Anywhere in the World
    If you’d love to be able to travel the world indefinitely and are curious about how you could pay for your lifestyle as a full time traveller, you’ve come to the right place! Simply continue reading to discover how you can fund your worldwide adv…
    - 14 days ago 25 Jun 20, 11:55am -
  • How to Start a Blog

    - 14 days ago 25 Jun 20, 11:53am -
  • How to Host Your Website with Hostgator
    If you’ve heard that Hostgator is one of the best hosting sites to deal with and are interested in signing up for a web hosting account with Hostgator, continue reading to discover a simple guide to hosting your website with Hostgator. As you’ll…
    - 14 days ago 25 Jun 20, 11:51am -
  • A Guide to Purchasing a Domain with Hostgator
    The first investment you’ll need to make, if you plan on launching a new website is a domain name. If you’re interested in purchasing a professional domain for your website with Hostgator, simply continue reading to discover a handy guide to purc…
    - 14 days ago 25 Jun 20, 11:49am -
  • 5 Reasons to Sign Up to a Hostgator Contract
    If you’re currently hunting around for a reputable website which sells domains and securely hosts websites, you may be interested in finding out more information about Hostgator. As listed below are a few key reasons why you should purchase a domai…
    - 14 days ago 25 Jun 20, 11:47am -
  • A guide to Using Hostgator
    If you’re curious about how to purchase a domain from Hostgator and how to sign up for a hosting package for your website, you’ve come to the right place. Simply continue reading to discover a handy guide to using Hostgator for the first time. A…
    - 14 days ago 25 Jun 20, 11:29am -
  • Godaddy Reviews: Is Godaddy a Reputable Site?
    If you’re currently in the process of selecting a host for your new website or you’re looking to purchase a domain for your website, you may have listed Godaddy as one of the reputable companies in your shortlist. To discover whether it’s worth…
    - 14 days ago 25 Jun 20, 11:27am -
  • Finance Tips for Entrepreneurs
    While you may be excited about running your own business and making a profit, you may not be as excited about your business’ finances. To discover a guide to managing your business’ finances, simply continue reading. Finance Tips for Entrepreneur…
    - 14 days ago 25 Jun 20, 11:24am -
  • Everything that You Need to Know About DreamHost
    If you’re currently searching for a reputable hosting service for your website and are interested in purchasing a domain name for your website, you may be interested in signing up for a hosting plan with DreamHost. To discover some of the primary a…
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