Old School Radio Prep One Sheet

Back in my morning show radio days, I used to make a one-sheet of all the random and varied stuff I needed to be aware of before I hit the air. I’d chop up the newspaper and tape the important stories of the day together on a piece of blank paper. But the most useful thing I came up with was a prep one-sheet. Essentially a grid with the stuff I needed to be aware of for the day. I made copies of these grid pages and would note the “stuff” i needed to know inĀ categoriesĀ on the grid. It was, needless to say, very handy. Sure, we’ve got computers and ipads and digital devices up the wazoo today, but having a simple dead tree one-sheet in front of your face is handy as sh*t. Here’s an example of one:

Prep Sheet Example

Of course the grids could be renamed to any damn thing you want. The concept is obvious. But it’s amazing just how many radio folks have never thought of this simple idea. So, instead of endlessly shuffling through pages, web sites and googling… make yourself a radio prep one-sheet. Or if you’re Word challenged, steal this one.

Blank Prep Sheet Docx