Bill Moyers Journal Video on Right Wing Talk Radio

This is kind of an interesting video. It’s a segment from Bill Moyers Journal: “Dissecting the Talking Heads – Right Wing Radio” that aired on July 24, 2009. I would not necessarily call this ‘fair’ by any means, but a good overview of the leftist view of the state of political talk radio. There is an interview with Jeffery Feldman who claims that our system is a “deliberative democracy,” and that the right-wing talk hosts undermine the “conversation.” Of course this is kind of a simplistic view, as the history of the US is riddled with political parties using the American press as a vehicle of rhetoric, “party press”¬† has often been used to spread propaganda and FUD. So, not only is this nothing new, this sort of vehement politicization of the press has a place (albeit often not a very respected one) in American journalism. Towards the conclusion of the video, Moyers calls for a reinstatement of the “Fairness Doctrine.” Shocking! For NPR and Public Broadcasting (arguably a political media wing for “left-wing” political thought) a return to some sort of “Fairness Doctrine” could be quite beneficial. Within the last week, a plan by Mark Lloyd, the newly appointed¬† Chief Diversity Officer at the Federal Communications Commission, has come to light. Reportedly calling for a tax to be imposed on commercial broadcasters to pay for Public Radio programming. Anyway, here’s the video. Enjoy.