As a Local Broadcaster, You Are the Gatekeeper, Not Twitter or Facebook

Someone hacks the Twitter account of Associated Press and announces that The President has been wounded in a bombing. aphackStocks take a sneak left-hook to the chin and over 200 billion in market value evaporates. Sure, the market corrected following the real news that the Twitter AP report was a hoax, just another malicious hacker wreaking havoc on us all. So the question of the hour is.. is Twitter and social media the new trusted source for responsable and trusted news?

To quote Churchill  “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” With Twitter, it spans the globe in an instant, for better or worse. As broadcasters, we know better. We have the experience to self-edit and use our better judgement before we crack the mic. The pants are worn by  professionals when it comes to reporting news. We are the trusted gatekeepers. There are no gatekeepers watching the undisciplined and fledgling floodgates of an unregulated and untrusted matrix of digital innuendo, rumor, untrusted and untested fad. We wear the pants. Sure, this may be a little over the top, but turn the competitions disadvantage and weakness into our advantage. This should be where the copy for your creative service director should start tomorrow morning. Every full-service radio station in the country should have this promo on the air tomorrow morning. “Don’t trust Twitter for what’s going on in the world, trust the professionals.”

This article on the AV Club nails it.